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Google IO Extended 2012

Google IO Extended in Twin Falls, Idaho June 27 - 28

For whatever reason if you missed the opportunity to attend this year’s Google I/O conference on June 27 -29 you still have the opportunity to experience the event locally in Southern Idaho.

On Wednesday June 27th and Thursday the 28th the Southern Idaho Google Developer’s Group will be streaming the keynotes and other technical sessions live from Google I/O. The live streaming sessions will be tailored to what our attending developers are most interested in.   In addition to the live stream the event will also include presentations and from local developers on Wednesday afternoon.

This will be a great experience to learn what is new at Google in addition to getting new or a more in depth exposure to Google’s APIs and development tools, also providing the opportunity to network and learn with and from other great developers in the community. Register soon because space is limited.

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Tentative Schedule for 6/27 *We will be able to only stream one channel so this schedule will be tailored to those attending.

 Start Time
 End Time
 Channel 1
 Channel 2
 Channel 3
Channel 4
 12:00  13:00 Google+ Platform Basics    The Web Can Do That!?  What's New in Android?
 13:45  14:45 The Next Generation of Social is in Hangout
 What's New in Google Maps
   Android Apps in Google Play
 15:00  16:00  Fireside Chat with the Hangouts Team
   Dart - A Modern Web Language
 Monetizing Android Apps
 16:15  17:15      The Web Platform's Cutting Edge
 Google Play: Marketing 101 for Developers
 17:30   Hear from local presenters, Code Lab and join in on a hang out with Jason Torgrimson and Ryan Jund, two of the Southern Idaho Google Developer Group managers who did there homework and will be at Google IO in San Francisco.

Tentative Schedule for 6/28 *We will be able to only stream one channel so this schedule will be tailored to those attending.

 Start Time
 End Time
 Channel 1
 Channel 2
 Channel 3
Channel 4
 9:00  10:00 How we make JavaScript widgets scream
Bring your app to the big screen Breaking the JavaScript speed limit with V8
What's new in Android Developer's tools
 10:15 11:15
   Chrome Developer Tools Evolution
Making Good Apps Great: More Advanced Topics for Expert Android Developers
 11:30  12:30 Getting More From the Google + platform
Enterprise Geospatial in the cloud
 Putting the App Back into Web app - Web Programming with Dart
For Better or Worse: Smoothing out performance in Android UIs
 13:15  14:15
Integrating Google + into mobile Apps
Getting the most out of Python 2.7 on App Engine
Jank Busters: Building Perfmant Web Apps
 Doing More With Less: Being a good Android citizen
 14:30  15:30  Fireside Chat with the Google + platform team
   GRITS: PvP Gaming with HTML5
 Multi-Versioning Android User Interfaces
 15:45 16:45  OAuth2.0 for Identity and Data Access
 Fast UIs for the Cross-Device Web
 Android Fireside Chat